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歡迎來到萊維化工官方網站    佛山市萊維化工有限公司  

佛山市萊維化工有限公司銷售額多年來一直雄據“歐洲”的領先地位,是歐洲絕大多數知名的建筑師、 承建商、銷售商十分信賴的生產商及商業合作伙伴之一。

Germany And Europe Tu Disabilhities Chemmical (group) Company Is Located In The German Black Erge Lan Wan Hong Kong, Founded In 1868, IsA Multinational Chemical Company Germany And Europe Who Painted More Than 30 Countries In The World SetA Production Base And Sub-agencies,And With More Than 100 Countries Iiave Business Dealings. A Leading Position In The Industry, Is One Of The World's Leading Coatings Manufacturers

Gcrmany And Europe In A Low-carbon Coatcd Bus Companics The Conccpt Of Ilcalth, The Use Of The Coin pany's Core Tcchnology Continues To Develop Environmentally Friendly Tech Products, Architectural Coatings, Once Again Breaking International Standards, Thcrcby Achicving Make Home Hcalthicr: More Natural. Rcfincd Products Made Using Natural Plant Matcrials. Companics Arc: Interior And Extcrior Architcctural Coatings, Wood Dccoration Paint: Furniture Paint: Wall Art Paint, Industrial Paint, Etc

Cermany And Europe Iias Been Coated Male Who, According To Company Sales Of "european" Leadership, Annual Clobal Sales In 2008
Nearly l.68 Billion Euros, Is Europe's Most Renowned Architects, Contractors, Vendors, Manufacturers And Are Trusted Business Partners



公司在全球建立了生產基地和研究機構,并斥巨資從德國引進先進的生產設備,并不斷完善相關的配套設施,提高生產 能力。以高品質確保市場的供需平衡,充分保障消費者的最大利益。實現了高起點、高質量、系列化、多品種的戰略方針。

Germany Outushithe Company Established A Production Base In The World And Research Institutions,And Spending Huge Sums From Germany To Introduce Advanced Production Equipment, And Continuously Improved The Relevant Supporting Facilities, Increase Production Capacity. High uality To Ensure Market Supply And Demand Balance, Sufficient To Protect The Best Interests Of Consumers. Achieve A High Starting Point, High Quality, Series, Many Varieties Of Strategic Policy.

Our Main Raw Materials Are From Well-known International Chemical Industry Suppliers To Ensure Product Reliability. Companies From The United Kingdom, The United States And Other Countries Jinkou Almighty Automated Materials Testing Equipment, Synchronization Of Production And Quality Management To Ensure Product Quality Stability, So That Every Element Of Our Security Products To Achieve Excellent Standards. Thus The Best Possible Price Advantage To Provide Consumers With The Best Quality Products.